TinyWebApps.Com is a project by CatCanCode.Com studio.

The advancements of web technologies such as service worker, modern JavaScript, WebGL, WebAssembly and local storage make it possible to create performant, mobile-ready and offline-enable progressive web applications.

The beauty of web apps is that we can work and entertain with highly polished applications without installing any software in our computer. All we need is a device with browser.

Therefore, CatCanCode.Com studio develops TinyWebApps.Com to provide a central hub for useful web applications. Third-party web applications are reviewed and tried before being added to the categories of TinyWebApps.Com.

TinyWebApps.Com also provides elegant and useful web applications developed by CatCanCode.Com studio.

If you are interested in making your own web applications, you can find the programming lessons prepared by CatCanCode.Com studio in this website.

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